Mother Daughter Sewing Experience

This is one sewing workshop we are very excited to be running. We often get asked if we run sewing workshops for mothers and daughters but so far we have been unable to run those workshops.

Yes, we run sewing classes for adults and separate sewing workshops for kids, but never the two together. The reason we have not done this in the past is because it is not a class to be taken lightly. First of all, our age range for children starts from 8 years in which case we cannot predict how young the youngest attendant will be. Regardless of age, we would like all our attendants to take home a good sewing experience which means the project has to be tailored in such a way that everyone finishes their projects.

We simply cannot abide with workshops where the attendants are asked to take their work home to complete (unless in exceptional cases where it is not within the scope of the class to finish that particular aspect of the project).

Secondly and lastly, we also have to consider time constraints. We have to ensure that irrespective of the disparity in skills and ability, the project can and will be completed within that given time frame.

So, how will this class run?

There is no level of experience required for this workshop; we only ask that all attendants are willing to learn how to sew. That is all we ask.

If you have never used a sewing machine previously, it is not a problem at all, as we usually take all attendants through the basics of setting up a sewing machine. If you have a sewing machine at home already, please let us know what type you have so we can pair you with something similar.

What Type Of Sewing Machine?

At this point I am not referring to the brand; brand names are a personal choice. I have mine. What I am referring to is the location of the bobbins; are they top or bottom?

The Brother LS14 sewing machine has a top loading bobbin and the Singer Tradition sewing machine has a bottom loading bobbin. If this is a bit too much for you right now, don’t worry. We will go through it on the day. The great news is that once you choose your machine, hopefully that’s the machine you will stick with for a long time. It’s almost like the decision to drive a manual or automatic car (maybe not quite the same but close enough).

What Will You Learn On The Day?

You will spend the first hour going through the basics and mechanics of setting up a sewing machine. This is my favourite part to teach because it is so important that you get it right the very first time. It is also important to be well equipped with troubleshooting skills. I always say, ‘If you have an idea what the problem is, you will have an idea of what the solution should be’.

After you have become well acquainted with your sewing machine, we will run through some basic techniques that should allow you make that wonderful flowing skirt.

This skirt will have an elasticated band as default; however if the class is moving quicker than expected, I will throw in a zip (this will be decided on the day). Zips are tricky to tackle and I would not want us to waste our time trying to tackle zips. Having said that, your skirt will be so beautifully made, it will not matter if it was an elasticated waistband or a zip.

Do You Need To Bring In Your Sewing Machine?


What Materials Will Be Required?

I will strongly advise you to stick with cotton fabric. It is very kind and forgiving to beginners. Please do not be tempted to buy pretty, drapy fabrics. In as much as they might look beautiful, they will give you a tough time if you are a beginner.

Please feel free to ask me any questions with regards to the class.

Date: Sunday, 21st October or Sunday, 28th October 2018
Time: 2pm – 6pm

If you have more than 1 daughter, please use code Mumdaughter for 10% discount

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