Mother Daughter Sewing Experience Day

Barely 2 hours had passed after the session, and this comment was left on Facebook by Jayna, “Absolutely amazing experience …thank you Ota“, and on Instagram, Jyoti posted, “Thank you for such a lovely experience. We will surely be back soon!

What is this ‘mother-daughter’ experience all about?


This idea was born last year, but did not take off. Sometime in August this year, my daughter and I were in the shop alone on a Saturday, she was doing some studying and I was doing some sewing. Although she was supposed to be studying, she was getting on my nerves just a little bit because she kept disrupting my workflow, until she started complaining she was bored.

To shut her up, I said she could do some sewing, and then she requested for the exact same fabric I was working on as well. One thing led to another and we ended up working on the exact same project and to my surprise I absolutely loved it. We helped each other out with cutting measuring and fitting and at the end we were hugging and smiling and helplessly happy with each other.

At the end of the day, my daughter said to me, ‘mum, can we work on 1 project every month, just the two of us?’ and I said, I did not see why not. On reflection, it reminded me that sometimes, we might be in the same room as our kids but not mentally present, spending time with our kids actually requires that we show up when we get there; not just be physically present. For me, this was one good way to bond (especially as we are both passionate about sewing).

So there you go, that is the back story to how I re-birthed my Mother-Daughter Sewing Experience.


Mother-daughter sewing experience is not limited to absolute beginners, anyone can join in. It is all about creating that memorable day with your precious daughter. We like to keep our groups quite small, so it has that very intimate feeling. This is applied to all our sewing sessions by the way, we keep them small. The setup always look very appealing.

Sewing Class


Our aim for the session was to create a simple skirt with a lovely waist band at the front and an elasticated band behind. The waist band in front creates a very flattering effect, especially in the absence of a zip.

The length of the skirt is indeed discretionary; you can opt for a mini, midi or maxi skirt, subject to your fabric of course. They were taught to take accurate body measurements which was then transferred directly to the fabrics. It’s so lovely seeing both mother and daughter take each others measurements.


Measuring your fabrics







They have not done any machine sewing at this point, but the skirt seems to be coming together nicely. So far, they have measured, cut and pinned their fabric pieces together. A bit of hand sewing was employed to create a few gathers round the skirt.




The next difficult bit was showing them how to setup a sewing machine. After years of practice, I finally got this part nailed down. I don’t start off with winding the bobbin, which is what I used to do, I start off by showing them how a machine functions and once they have had a good play for about 10 minutes, I show them how to wind a bobbin and then thread the sewing machine. At this point, it all makes sense.

Showing a user how to wind a bobbin before anything else, I find to be quite abstract and they don’t quite grasp it. However, once they see how a bobbin functions and what it’s use is, it makes more sense at that point.

At this point, the machine has been setup but most importantly, the fabric has been cut out as well. It’s time to get sewing!

The next best thing after you start sewing is the fitting. Once this has been done and everyone is satisfied that the garments fit, we know we are finally reaching the crescendo of our sewing day.

Now is the time to model our mother daughter outfits. Don’t they look absolutely amazing?

Mother Daughter Sewing


I think they look stunning and absolutely happy. This is a memory that will last forever.

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