Dressmaker Of The Month – Bindu

I would like you to meet Bindu, she is our dressmaker of the month and we are very proud of her.

Dressmaker Of The Month

Her very first wash bag


Bindu came to us filled with excitement; she had just bought her first sewing machine and wanted to learn how to sew. We were as excited as she was because we love absolute beginners, the ones who come to us are eager and full of zest.

Bindu had bought a John Lewis JL11OSE sewing machine which is a basic sewing machine which I consider very suitable for beginners, because the functions are easy to understand. Please note that an absolute beginner can use any sewing machine as long as they are taught the basics. If you can afford a very expensive sewing machine and you have the space for it, please do not hold back.

This particular sewing machine can tackle both light to medium weight fabrics. I liken it to a Janome basic sewing machine, the features are extremely similar.

Bindu’s first sewing project was a beautiful wash bag, she bought the fabrics from John Lewis. A wash bag is an easy project for beginners, it gets you very well acquainted with all the fundamentals like seams, hems, sewing corners etc.

Project Wash bag

Week 2 &Week 3

After her first project, Bindu’s confidence soared. We felt she was ready to tackle something slightly more challenging but still within the range of absolute beginners.

She was going to make a simple dress using a sewing pattern and the pattern we chose was from the Tilly And The Buttons Range; Stevie. This pattern is for absolute beginners and easy to follow and comprehend.


Bindu absolutely nailed the dress first time. We were so pleased with it, we persuaded her to keep it on and show it off. Luckily she was off to see a friend, and she agreed that it would be a good ideas to wear her first handmade dress (we will find out what her friend thought when we see her next week).

Front view with pockets

Next week, we are going to up the ante a bit more. So far, she has been working with cotton fabric which is beginner friendly. We are going to get her to use a fabric which has a bit more drape to it. We are very confident she will handle it beautifully.We look forward to sharing her makes with you.

If you would like to join us in a Beginners Dressmaking class for beginners, we have a class starting on Saturday, 20th of November, 2018.  Follow this link for more info and booking.

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