After School Sewing For Kids

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.” – Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

You can’t place a value on teaching kids how to sew; you can, but personally, I think it is absolutely invaluable. What is even more invaluable, is teaching your kids any type of skills that will encourage creative thinking and fully engage both sides of their brain. Our After school sewing for kids is the perfect after school activity for kids looking for a creative wind down.


Adults are often told by ‘experts’ that in order to succeed, they need to think outside of the box. This is my response, ‘I have never been in a box, so I don’t understand how to think out of it’. I think the way I think. I have always been extremely creative, it is who I am. One of the reasons I do what I do, is because I have never lost my creative side. It was a great part of what made me who I am. I took Biology, Chemistry and Physics in my GCSEs, but I also took Literature in English and other art courses, because it was who I was. I could do both and I did.

The fact that your kids are good at Science, should not detract from the fact that they still need to develop their creative side. Creativity is manifested in all sorts of ways and, fashion and design is one of them.




Our sewing classes teach children how to use sewing machines from scratch as well as improve their current sewing skills. They are also shown how to work with a needle and thread. We show them how to make everyday items like skirts, dresses, pyjamas, tote bags, cushion covers, tops etc.

Sewing Classes For Kids

Our Wednesday Sewing Club is for Under 11s, we like to keep peer groups together. Apart from the fact that they have sewing in common, they are able to talk about school, friends and much more. One thing is for sure, they would have made a friend for life.

Sewing Club

Beginners Sewing For Kids

We not only teach kids how to make simple clothing items, we teach them how to create basic patterns.

After School Sewing Club

Pattern Creating For Kids

You cannot underestimate the significance of hand-sewing. A lot of couture garments are hand finished by needle and thread. So, our kids still need to learn various stitches with a needle and thread regardless.

Handsewing & Machine Sewing

Kids get to learn simple designs like Applique.

Machine Applique

Each half-term we work on a project, each kid works at their own pace, it is not a competition and we encourage children to keep their own pace and not to compare themselves with others. This means, if a child finishes their project earlier than expected, we give them something extra to work on. We like our kids to do all the hard-work themselves. When they make mistakes, we show them how to correct those mistakes; we do not take over.

At the end of each term, they have something solid to show their parents.

Skirt Making For KidsDressmaking For KidsDressmaking Class For Children

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will get back to you. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Our next sewing club for kids will be starting on the 7th of November, 2018.  Please visit our main website for more details and bookings.

NOTE: We can teach kids from 6+ how to sew, but only kids aged 8+ will be allowed to use a sewing machine.

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